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As a patient, the last thing you want to hear after driving to a dispensary and waiting in line is that they have sold out of a product or don’t carry it. Which is why we have carefully chosen the dispensaries on our list to ensure they have a wide selection of reputable and effective products ready for you.

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What to look for at a Dispensary

As a patient, new or regular, it can be overwhelming which dispensary to go to as well choosing from a huge selection of products you may not know. We have compiled a few FAQ from patients as well as some questions for you to ask as employees and to keep in mind while visiting a dispensary.

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Voting for 2023 is now underway! Vote for your favorite brands and dispensaries and let your fellow Tucsonans know who the best of the best are!

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Our mission is to offer you the best choices of dispensaries and brands in Tucson for a pleasant experience for all your needs.